5000 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 4 Gallon (Approx spread rate 100 SY/Pail)- Shaw per Pail

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit


Purchase Shaw adhesive for your floor coverings. 

As one of the most extensive flooring companies, Shaw Contract manufactures both hard and soft surface floor coverings in a wide range of colors and styles. Shaw Contract produces a variety of flooring solutions for schools, public housing, healthcare, and other commercial spaces. 

To streamline the procurement experience for government buyers, Continental Flooring Company created our online Shop featuring exclusive pricing for purchasing agents. Utilizing our online Shop gives buyers the ability to purchase multiple items on one PO, a wide variety of flooring and ceiling products on contract, top brand manufacturers and use of government P-card payments. Government agencies are also prequalified for an efficient purchasing experience.

Shaw Contract products are available to government buyers on our GSA Schedules as well as competitively bid national cooperative contracts like Omnia Partners, 1GPA, and more.


48.00 LBS
5000 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Minimum Order Quantity:
Unit of Measure:
Minimum per Package:
Min/Pkg 4/GA
Country of Origin:
Shipping Timeframe (Approximate):
15 Days if Available

Customers can use cooperative contracts on our shop including OMNIA Partners, 1GPA, and Allied States Cooperative.
Contracts can streamline your procurement process by utilizing a purchasing group for competitively bid products.